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Social media marketing trends across the globe

With time Kotton Grammer Media services are becoming hugely popular in the market. Businesses of all scales can reach targeted audience and increase sales. Social media marketing trends are increasing Kotton Grammer Mediaand in days to come more number of businesses will opt for it. Here are some of the features of present digital marketing trends:

Real-Time Engagement: Marketing with social media thrives on real-time engagement and with time the response window is becoming smaller and smaller. Based on Search Engine Watch it is found that marketers need to implement faster response time in the year 2016. There are many new advancements made with automation tools and social listings that can help marketers to respond quickly than competitors. Social media is marching fast, and it is important for every business to make the most of these Kotton Grammer Media platforms.

Live Video Streaming & Marketing with Social Media: Alongside faster response time consumers are also looking for offline events and quicker access in real time. With time, live video streaming is turning out to be the best big thing for social media marketing purposes. Thanks to some of the modern applications like Meerkat and Periscope, which tool World Wide Web by storm in past years.

Kotton Grammer Media

Social media tools are helping brands and customers to communicate with ease. Both of the tools mentioned above help in broadcasting live streams around the world.

Social Commerce: Compelling statistics have led to more commerce focused features luring advertisers and marketers. Here are few:

  • Twitter trying to test ‘Buy’ button.
  • Facebook introduced the all-new 360 Ads for a whole new experience.
  • YouTube brought in the concept of 360 Ads for more impact.
  • Instagram too rolled out action oriented advertisement formats.

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